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Financial and Insurance Institutions Risk Management

Aon understands that whether large or small, the financial industry faces unique opportunities and challenges in managing risk and effective risk financing. We work in partnership with more than 130 financial and insurance institutions throughout Australia and our intimate knowledge of the financial services industry enables us to develop tailored solutions for your business.

Insurance for Financial Risks

Aon will work closely with you to develop innovative solutions including financial risk insurances, human resource consulting, insurance due diligence and asset protection. We also deliver services relating to risk profiling, total cost of insurable risk analysis, captive retention modelling, alternative risk financing, and a structured approach to the task of insurance broking and reinsurance that closely match your unique risk profile, objectives and specific factors including:

  • Workforce, retail, corporate, and affinity customers and suppliers
  • Regulatory and compliance pressures
  • Diversity of your business activities and locations
  • Total cost of insurable risk as well as your expressed ‘risk appetite’
  • Balance sheets strengths and leverage
  • Maintaining competitive advantage through good practice risk management and financing

Dedicated International Resources

In recognition of the individual risks and needs faced by Australian financial institutions, Aon has established a team of Financial and Insurance Institutions Insurance Experts.  These experts are a dedicated national resource with extensive specific industry experience gained from both within financial institutions and as professional advisers to the industry.

Our experts are closely aligned to Aon’s Global Financial Institutions Experts and share best practice, a global knowledge management network, and risk profiling tools specifically designed for your sector.

Industry Specialists

Our team is focused on the needs of the whole industry and is well equipped to work with clients from all areas including:

  • Global authorised deposit taking institutions
  • National Authorised Deposit-Taking Institutions (ADI’s)/building societies/credit unions
  • Clearing and settlement institutions
  • Charge, credit and debit card providers
  • Venture capitalists/private equity
  • Securitisation vehicles
  • Stockbrokers/stock exchanges and their member firms
  • Investment banks/corporate advisory
  • Friendly societies
  • General and life insurers
  • Superannuation/fund managers/trustees/trusts/ Open-Ended Investment Companies (OEIC’s)
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Hedge funds
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