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Valuation Services

Organisations make decisions every day that impact the health of their business and bottom line. For many of these decisions, it is essential to know the value of the tangible assets involved. For other decisions, knowing your asset values is not essential, however this information can be used to create advantage for your business.

Organisations can employ valuation specialists to value their tangible assets such as land, buildings, plant, equipment, infrastructure, mobile plant and fine art.

Valuations can be done for a range of different purposes and benefits, including:

  • Insurance – insurance policies require an accurate declaration of asset value in order to guarantee full protection of those assets
  • Meeting accounting standards - Australian and International Accounting Standards require the assessment of market value when businesses are acquired, ongoing impairment testing, and regular revaluations to fair value
  • Mergers and acquisitions – knowing the value of your assets provides you with a large advantage during negotiations for mergers, acquisitions and disposals, and maximise ongoing benefits from the correct allocation of value between tangible assets and goodwill, with an independent appraisal of asset values;
  • Family law – valuations are required for family law court cases, and need to be tailored specifically for Court compliance
  • Taxation – valuations are required for capital gains tax, GST purposes and stamp duty obligations

Essentially, valuations not only help you comply with Australian legislation, but help you protect and maximise your balance sheet.

Aon Valuation Services

Aon Valuation Services (incorporating RHAS) is the global market leader in the valuation and reconciliation of tangible assets. Our experts have deep understanding of valuations, with extensive experience in valuations for a range of purposes including accounting, insurance, taxation, family law and much more.

We have in-depth expertise across a very wide range of industries including but not limited to the following:

An area of particular expertise is the valuation of cultural and heritage assets for accounting and insurance purposes. We count the majority of State & National art galleries, museums and libraries as clients.

We are the first plant and machinery valuation firm in Australasia to be accredited under the Property Institute of New Zealand for quality assurance. This is the only accreditation scheme in the world specifically designed for tangible asset valuers.

If you would like to get your assets valued, please contact our team or request a valuation today.


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