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Our Environment

At Aon, we understand the importance and are committed to minimising the impact our business activities have on the environment.

We have implemented extensive recycling programs and have a number of initiatives in place to reduce energy utilisation. Aon’s newer buildings contain motion-sensing lighting while older facilities have been retrofitted with lighting timers to turn lights off during idle periods. We have also taken advantage of alternative lighting design in our newer facilities to ensure the greatest possible efficiency. Extensive use of energy efficient computers and business machines contributes to emissions reduction and energy savings.

Video conferencing has been implemented throughout Aon's global network, contributing to efforts to reduce travel-related emissions.

Aon experts also work with our clients around the world to evaluate and mitigate their environmental impact and risk.

Through the Aon Charitable Foundation’s partnership with Conservation Volunteers, Aon employees contribute to the ‘Wild Futures Program’. Where possible, Aon aligns employee volunteer days with projects that focus on environmental conservation for endangered species. Aon volunteers regularly help to restore the habitat for the Eastern Barred Bandicoot in Victoria and for the red nosed toadlet in Bradley’s Head, Sydney Harbour National Park and many other locations around the country.

In addition, all proceeds from our mobile device recycling program go to Conservation Volunteers.