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Company Vision

Aon’s vision is to be universally recognised as the premier global risk and human capital management advisory firm.

The insurance industry is now firmly positioned as part of the broader financial services community, which itself now represents our spectrum of opportunity. Insurance and reinsurance capital is increasingly making itself available as a secondary source of strategic funding. Furthermore, companies are aligning their people strategies to their business strategies and reaping the benefits both bottom-line and culturally within their workforce. Aon in Australia has pockets of excellence across these spectrums. Our vision is to draw all these together, build on that platform and grow into neighbouring businesses as we seek to improve our relevance to today's and tomorrow's clients.

Our Values

Trust, openness, integrity, commitment, teamwork, innovation

If we are to prosper, we believe that we need an environment where our people trust the competency of one another, share good ideas freely, are open to new ideas, and admit weakness without fear.

All our relationships, internal and external, should be based on integrity - something that should never be compromised.

We also believe commitment is a two-way street; we want loyalty and committed people, and we acknowledge we need to honour our commitments to them.

We need to accept that teams produce best results and that people have a place in a team based on ability to contribute, not on rank.

In addition, we need to build a culture of innovation, one that welcomes challenge and questioning, creative and conceptual thinking, and a preparedness to be unreasonable in our expectations.

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